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Spotify Improving User Experience For NFT Holders

Bilfred Mutugi

Bilfred Mutugi

Spotify NFT used for improving user experiences

Many NFT-based groups have for a long time made the promise of enabling exclusive access. And right now, Spotify is using token-gated tracks to assist some of them in realizing that promise. Music streaming Token-enabled songs, a new feature that enables owners of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to link their crypto wallets and listen to carefully selected music, are now being tested by Spotify. 

Throughout the three-month trial phase, the selected playlists will be continually updated and accessible to members via a certain link. Particularly, token holders from NFT projects such as  Fluf, Kingship, Moonbirds, and Overlord groups can access the initiative. 

Kingship, a metaverse band contracted by Universal Music Group (UMG), said in a string of tweets that the streaming platform is testing playlists that might be accessed with NFTs in specific regions. Only Kingship key card NFT owners will be able to access the exclusive playlist that made by Kingship as part of the pilot program.

 To verify the NFT which enables the playlist, the group published a set of instructions that involve connecting a cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask, Zerion, Rainbow, Trust Wallet or Ledger Live. According to Kingship, only Android users living in certain regions such as US are able to enjoy this pilot experience.

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Considering Apple established a number of guidelines regulating the functions of NFTs last October,  iPhone users not being able to utilize the service is not a surprise.

Without providing any other information, Spotify verified this pilot by reacting to Overload and Kingship’s tweets.

This NFT-gated playlists pilot’s launch comes right before Spotify’s Stream On event scheduled for the 8th of March.. On Wednesday, Spotify additionally revealed a test of a DJ driven by AI who chooses songs for listeners.

NFTs have been previously employed by Spotify, but not for token-gated playlists. The company tested out a profile element that allowed artists to market their artistry in May 2022. It released job postings for web3-related positions within the technical as well as the marketing divisions last year.

However since that time, the state of the world economy has shifted. Some businesses, like Spotify, have laid off a number of staff members and canceled numerous initiatives. Additionally, cryptocurrency marketplaces and businesses have been having trouble. In the midst of all of this, many businesses have ceased discussing their web3 goals.

This experiment suggests that Spotify may have the technology necessary to provide more material that may be token controlled. There is a feeling around that Spotify will surely give more details on this pilot experiment in its upcoming event.


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