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Instagram Will Now Verify Paying Subscribers

Daniel Zelevansky

Daniel Zelevansky

Instagram announces paid subscription for verification.

Meta has officially announced that there will be a new verification subscription service for Facebook and Instagram users rolling out this upcoming week.

On Sunday, Chief Executive Officer of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, announced this new feature that will be rolling out for all Instagram and Facebook users. Zuckerberg states that this feature will be a part of a monthly membership that will cost users $11.99 through the web and $14.99 through mobile platforms.

While many users see this as a costly payment on a monthly basis, others see this as a business opportunity. To have a validated social media account on two of the largest platforms on all of social media can definitely be looked at as an upper-hand, but comes at a large price point for many. 

In November of 2022, Chief Executive Officer of Twitter Inc, Elon Musk, released a fairly similar verification membership service on Twitter called ‘Twitter Blue.’ Twitter Blue allows users early access to new features, longer tweets, but most importantly, that blue verification badge. Twitter Blue’s membership charge costs $8.00 a month through the web, or $11.00 through mobile platforms. 

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Zuckerberg claims that this membership will release many implementations over time such as direct customer support and extra identity protection to prevent users from creating fake profiles of your account. There are also some requirements set in place such as an 18 year old age requirement, along with your Instagram name and profile picture matching your identity, according to CNN reports.

Meta additionally released a statement, clarifying that this new badge feature will not have any impact on the current verified profiles on Instagram. Meta obviously saw the great success that came with this verification membership with Twitter Blue, and most likely took inspiration to capitalize on the opportunity of profiting off of people’s desire for a blue badge next to their name.

Will you be purchasing this monthly membership at a hefty price point for many or will you continue to use Instagram as is? Let us know on Twitter.

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