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Retro Inspired Games Faded Arcade Launches Hamster Jamz NFT

Joey Sendz

Joey Sendz

A retro-inspired game called Faded Arcade is entering the metaverse by releasing a non-fungible token collection called Hamster Jamz NFT, a mint collection that promises many utilities, rewards, and community-building efforts over the next few months. 

Faded Arcade has confirmed that on August 26th, 2022, at 8 AM EST, 10,000 Hamster Jamz Profile Picture or PFP NFTs will be available for free minting. Furthermore, a free NFT will grant owners access to the Hamster Jamz game, in which holders will participate as the hero ‘Waffles McFluffybutt.’

Faded Arcade’s Hamster Jamz is an NFT collection and game that they describe in the fictional world as a multi-dimensional, retrowave-meets-cyberpunk mashup fantasy extravaganza and Cyberpunk. A pixel-pushing NFT collectible serves up a heady cocktail of excellent, time-jumping A.I. from 80’s arcade games. 

Faded Arcade is bringing retro games from the 1980s into the modern era in a post-apocalyptic, modernistic style, and Hamster Jamz fits the bill perfectly. The game pits the cute waffle-eating Hamsters against hungry wolves, spikey cactuses, marauding aliens, and eerie ghosts. It includes a dual income stream mechanism. Holders can receive a portion of the Royalties and a free NFT in Phase 2. Holders also receive a portion of the potential profits from the Branded Games.

During the launch of this new NFT, a pre-minting contest will be held in which ten Faded Arcade NFTs will be given away. Faded Arcade has created an ecosystem centered on NFTs, which are full of utility and grant the bearer access to the Pixelverse. The Pixelverse is gearing up to be a retro gamer’s dream, with ten arcade games from the 1980s on the way, all of which have demos accessible on their website. Purchase one Faded Arcade NFT to gain access, and users can win their coveted NFTs in upcoming giveaways. 

Holders will receive a free mint pass to Phase two of Faded Arcade ‘A New Rival In Town,’ which includes ten Rival Games plus three Mystery Games and bonuses, Pixelverse expansion with the grand opening of Blonnell’s Ghost Train, Candy’s Roller Disco nights, and more content in Ted’s Sounds store and Mega Movies.

To begin playing the game, keep a Hamster Jamz NFT in one’s crypto wallet, which will serve as a game pass. While minting will be available on August 26th, collectors can now connect a digital wallet to the Hamster Jamz platform. One can do this by scanning the QR code with their wallet app or selecting a preferred wallet’s desktop version.

Hamster Jamz provides fair and accessible minting, with no need for whitelisting or minimum payment to mint. People can get their first NFT for free and continue to invest in Hamsters for 0.01 ETH each. If one reaches the top of the Hamster Jamz scoreboard, that person will be rewarded with merchandise and prizes.

Furthermore, ten lucky Hamster Jamz minters who mint within the first 24 hours will be chosen to receive a valuable Faded Arcade NFT. If this occurs, an NFT will gain access to utilities such as 10% profit pool rewards from the game studio, multiple income streams, the right to vote on a gaming studio, and access to ten-ready games in its Pixelverse.

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