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DALL·E 2: How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Art

Daniel Zelevansky

Daniel Zelevansky

Have you ever paid a graphic designer to make you a logo? Perhaps even for an NFT? Well, the AI revolution has now cut your costs drastically. 

DALL·E 2 is an Artificial Intelligence structure that can create all different images and art from just a short written prompt. The incredible AI was released to the public in early October 2022 and has since shocked the public. The realism that can be illustrated from the photos that DALL·E 2 creates has astounded its users and social media at large. 

AI generated art

OpenAI, an Artificial Intelligence research laboratory, founded this incredible system DALL·E 2. This is not OpenAI’s first rodeo by any means, their incredible projects have astounded the public many times before. Their projects CLIP, Image GPT, and their most recent project ChatGPT are just a few projects OpenAI have brought to market. 

With NFTs making an enormous boom in the space of digital art and Web 3.0, it should be no surprise to see how much of an impact DALL·E 2 has had. Having the ability to use a handful of descriptive words in order to create an image is a baffling concept that can be put to test in a matter of seconds. DALL·E 2 also gives you commercial rights to the art it generates for you, allowing you to monetize it. To say the future is flashing before our eyes is an understatement and is just a showcase of what can be accomplished in such little time. 

AI generated art

To test out DALL·E 2’s capabilities, I gave it two distinctive prompts. The first prompt I gave it was to create a ‘Monkey with wings, on a crowded beach, smoking a cigar, with a bottle of soda in one of its hands, NFT.’ The response of 4 unique pictures I received is absolutely hilarious but shows the possibilities that exist with this AI and digital art. 

This next set of four images was DALL·E 2’s imagination of what a ‘Photograph of pandas reading from NFT Magazine in a large field’ was.

To say the possibilities are endless is an understatement, and it can truly be revolutionary for artists looking to take inspiration for their work. Many NFT projects are already centered around AI art, and even businesses are using it to generate logos. It’s staggering how far technology has progressed with AI, and I unquestionably look forward to seeing NFT projects take off with this new form.

Written by Daniel Zelevansky


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