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All The Same: A Revolutionary NFT Project for Everyone

Joey Sendz

Joey Sendz

All The Same NFT

The world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been exploding in recent months, with various projects popping up left and right. However, one upcoming project is standing out from the rest – “All The Same.” This revolutionary NFT project is set to launch on March 2nd and promises to bring something unique to the table.

Founder and Inspiration

The founder of “All The Same” is Frede, who also runs an influencer agency called VOICE Influence. According to Frede, the idea for the project came about after she had an NFT project come on as a client for her agency. She noticed that there were many projects focused on diversity and women, but none that brought everybody together regardless of gender, race or background. And so, “All The Same” was born.

AI Integration

What sets “All The Same” apart from other NFT projects is its focus on AI (Artificial Intelligence). Holders of the NFT will get free access or discounts to over 20 AI tools. This means that not only are buyers getting a unique piece of digital art but also access to cutting-edge technology that can be used in various industries like healthcare, finance, and education.

Down the road the project aims to develop their own AI tool, its functionality decided by the community.


The fact that people can get access to all these tools for only 0.025 Ethereum is quite an amazing deal! Whitelisted members will have the opportunity to purchase at this price while allowlisted members will pay slightly more at 0.027 Ethereum.

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Artwork Design

“All The Same” aims to promote inclusivity and celebrate differences by bringing people together through technology. It’s a noble cause that’s sure to resonate with many people across different backgrounds.

In terms of the artwork itself, each NFT will feature a unique design representing different aspects of humanity – from our similarities and differences to our emotions and experiences. These designs are created by artists from all around the world who believe in this project’s mission statement.

Impact Beyond NFTs

Frede’s vision for “All The Same” is clear – she wants it to be a platform where everyone feels welcome regardless of their background or experience with blockchain technology. By giving holders access to cutting-edge AI tools along with their exclusive artwork, she hopes that this project will be able to make a positive impact beyond just being another NFT drop. 


In conclusion, if you’re looking for an NFT project unlike any other – one that promotes inclusivity while offering access to valuable AI technology – then you won’t want to miss out on “All The Same.” Keep your eyes peeled for its launch date on March 3rd!

For those who weren’t able to secure WL, click here to enter to win a spot on their allowlist!

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